Five (5x) short works commercially published until 2008:
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High School +1

"Rinta and Suzune" A cousins story; love advice turns into something more.
"Little Bulge" A school swimsuit story; her concern is her unusually large clitoris...
"Tomorrow is a New Semester" Childhood friends finish their summer homework together...
"Karesen Shoujo" The story of a young girl attracted only to much older men.
"Yurika Senpai's Pinning Move" A pretty judo fighter gets married and quits school, but...
Story driven / 5 titles (4 high schooler, 1 mega breasts)

Be careful, please.
The work remains Japanese. It is not English.Translations to foreign languages are currently undecided. I am examining translation fee etc.
In the future I hope to be able to release works in several foreign languages.